How can companies reduce energy costs in their industry?

29 juli 2022
How can companies reduce energy costs in their industry?

How much of the energy a company pays for each month is actually used to keep it running? Probably less than half, as the rest is likely to leak out through leaking air compressors, inefficient equipment and other unnecessary energy consumers. To make your business more energy-efficient and cost-effective, here are four ways to reduce your energy costs and stay ahead in your industry.

1. Have an energy management team 

One of the main reasons why cost and energy reduction initiatives often fail is that it's not clear who is actually responsible for managing the company's energy consumption. Establishing an energy management team that includes representatives from each department can help reduce energy costs across different business processes. This makes it important to involve those who are already motivated to save costs or create a specific reward that can be tied to the amount of energy the team saves. This way you can work together to ensure that energy consumption is monitored throughout the company and that ways of reducing energy costs are implemented.

2. A strategic plan for leveraging technology

Once the energy audit is complete, use the information to identify the machines that use the most energy. If possible, plan to use these machines during off-peak times. In this way you can significantly reduce the energy costs of your production equipment. 

3. Get accustomed to new industry standards 

To make sure you stay ahead of the competition, it is important to be aware of the current trends going on in your specific business sector. With the help of this information it will be possible to amplify the company’s perspective on energy-saving methods, which could amount to a reevaluation of current processes and systems in order to make them sustainable in the future. It might come in handy to offer certain education opportunities to motivated employees in different departments to make sure that new developments are able to be implemented and energy-saving awareness is raised. 

4. Enlist the help of external experts to help your company make energy management decisions

Your company may very well need tailored energy management solutions. To ensure that business solutions are implemented, be sure to engage an energy management expert. Controlin | We energize the best solutions, together can help you select and implement energy management solutions. They focus on providing good, reliable support that goes hand in hand with a quality product. 

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